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Since I began working on a big, time-consuming project it’s gone very quiet on my blog. No more travelling, and no new DG posts.

But the old ones are still visited daily by loyal fans from all corners of the world, and so I thought it might be nice to make them available as a reasonably-priced PDF download.

I’m envisioning a revised and extended version with new chapters, new material and more fan comments.

Are you interested?

If so, please leave a quick message and tell me your thoughts.

(After posting, your words will disappear from sight until they have been seen and approved, and the only reason you have to give your email address is to prove that you are a real person and not a spam bot.)


Author: Fabienne Wolf

writing solo traveller

6 thoughts on “Just a Thought …

  1. Dear Ioana, it warms my heart to hear that you like my posts so much. Thank you for expressing your thoughts in detail and such good English!
    Yes, I understand that you would like me to continue writing blog posts about David, but this is unfortunately not possible due to the demands of my current project. Even so I am planning to take a bit of time out to revise my previous essays, add a few new chapters and make a PDF download for DG’s fans to add to their collections. By turning my previous writing into a neat little product for purchase I am hoping to bring joy to many readers, while at the same time generating a trickle of revenue in support of my educational project, for which I am currently working freelance and without pay.
    The sharing of my texts is restricted by the usual terms of copyright, but of course you can still post links to my blog articles on Facebook or elsewhere. (Whenever anyone does this, it attracts a lot more readers to the site.)

  2. Dear Fabienne, I think there are many aspects of David or events around him about which I am convinced you could write an essay…
    I’m curious about what you’ve already thought…
    It’s pretty hard to say too much because my English is not very good… I hope it’s not a big problem to understand at least a bit…
    As for the payment, I do not know what to say… personally I would not have anything against… I think it is normal for any work to be rewarded.
    But I think people want a lot to share your posts… and be able to talk about what you’re writing there.
    For this, they should be public, unrestricted.
    I have read without breathing your posts about David and I wish I could read many more.
    There are many German interviews with interesting information about him, from the beginning of his career to the present… many of these interviews have already been translated by generous and kind people from this group…
    David also has many fun comments also in his concerts which people who do not speak German do not understand.
    To end… in any form would be… I would love you to continue writing essays about David on your blog… very much…
    I think David is an inexhaustible subject identical with our love and appreciation for him as a person and as an artist.
    Your posts are extraordinary… I find myself very much in them.
    I think your sensitivity has succeeded to reveal much from inside of David and so much from the atmosphere around him, his fans’ world, the critics, or the simple people who listen to his music and to other artists. Thank you very much, dear Fabienne.
    I hope you will continue to do this in the limit of your time, of course.

  3. Nice to hear from you, Darlene – that’s great!

  4. Love the idea Fabienne. I am definitely interested.

  5. Thanks for expressing your interest and appreciation, Deborah. The price would be in the range of a cup of coffee, I imagine.

  6. I would definitely be interested! I’m not sure what kind of price range you’re looking at though, but do appreciate all the work that you put into the blog for David Garrett.

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