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David Garrett and the Girls


An attempted Analysis of a Musical Phenomenon – Part 9

As a comparative latecomer to the dating-and-mating game, David Garrett will probably have thrown himself eagerly into that particular pursuit. It must have done wonders for his self-confidence. Unimaginable that he may have met with resistance or rejection. And yet, interestingly, David’s own words in various interviews bear witness to the fact that it is not any easier for him to find true love than for the rest of us.

He makes quite a case study for all those who think that they would surely find love if they were only more good-looking, more talented, famous or rich. Especially the very young are often under the impression that these are the necessary ingredients for being happy in love, and they may torture themselves with self-loathing because they do not match this ideal profile. Well, David surely does, yet he has found it no less of a knotty problem.

So you dream of being the girl by his side? Consider this: By his right side you’ll get in the way of his bowing arm. On his left side you’ll get your eye poked out. You can’t stand before him, for then you’d come between him and his audience, and he’d never allow that. The only possible place for you is behind him. In the background, touched by the spotlight, yes, but with a semi-permanent view of his back. Girls, understand this in a metaphorical as well as a spatial sense to realise why that place by his side is so often unoccupied.

Because it certainly is not for a lack of candidates, and assuredly not for a lack of love. There are enough lovely and loving girls – so many, many more than the average man can hope to meet in a lifetime – who are instantly ready and desperately willing to go to the ends of the earth for David and have his babies, given even the slightest encouragement. How could he not be aware of it? In his own words: “Being adored is part of the job – but it is about the MUSIC.” 

And yet, as seen in all that YouTube footage, David Garrett has such a loving nature, it permeates all he says and does. His quiet, patient kindness carries through every situation recorded by the camera’s eye. Whether he is telling a funny story on stage or answering interview questions; whether he is signing autographs or giving a tour of his home: there is a great affection apparent in David, a diffusion of love that seems to stream from him impartially as summer rain from drifting clouds.

Would my impression that this is in fact his default setting hold up in real life, removed from the cameras and away from promotional situations? Only those who know him can tell. But, interviewed by Spiegel TV, David himself made the following comment in German: “I love [so many things] … I am filled with love. But does love have to be channelled [towards one person]? … Is it not essentially our ego that makes us think, I don’t want to be alone? … Because actually we are not alone …” 

These are wise words, but there remains the indisputable fact that he never needs to be alone. Uncounted numbers of lovesick girls around the world take their unrequited passion to the David Garrett fan pages and cover them in messages of devotion, in hearts and moans, in adorned photographs and sighs, and in strings of ditzy stickers that must surely be the visual equivalent of white noise. Some even like to add David’s semi-nude model pictures and words that suggest, as a YouTube commenter acidly remarked, “way too much pussy juice.” Indeed. But they cannot help themselves; or, rather, helping themselves is all they can do.

To quote a marvellous line from the film Playing by Heart: “Whenever was having sex or not having sex not a problem?” Since Adam’s ill-advised fruit intake, this problem continues to bedevil adult life from puberty to the brink of the grave. The most elegant solution, as recommended by Buddha, who was not called The Enlightened One for nothing … the most elegant solution is and will always be celibacy, for it brings peace and true freedom to those able to embrace it: “There is pleasure when a sore is scratched, but to be without sores is more pleasant still. Just so, there are pleasures in worldly desires, but to be without desires is more pleasant still.”

However, celibacy isn’t for everyone, and the next best solution is said to be marriage. But its parameter of lifelong monogamy adds another tricky dimension to the problem, and so marriage isn’t for everyone either, though most people are inclined to give it a go at least once. “Marriage is like a fortress under siege: Those outside want to get in, while those inside want to get out.”

Compulsive matchmakers with big plans must have their eyes trained on David Garrett, who has so far remained tantalizingly unattached. There has been talk that he has several girlfriends on the go, simultaneously, all around the world. Any man’s dream, in fact. But is it true? Maybe, and maybe not. It cannot be our business. Why should it be surprising if he were not strictly monogamous at this stage of his life, and with his unusual lifestyle? It is surely more surprising that he should be expected to be so. It may not suit common notions of propriety, but the sailor’s solution is in fact the only workable one for any man who spends his life on the road, should he find himself unwilling or unable to take Buddha’s advice.

Where relationships are concerned, it is fair to assume that David Garrett has to navigate the same choppy waters most of us experience in the course of our lives. Calm seas never made skilful mariners. And, in the likely case of shipwreck, it is the danger of sinking that teaches us to swim; hoping against hope, telling ourselves “it’s not as hard, hard, hard as it seems …”

Here we have the eternal relationship problem outlined by the sharp wit of the inimitable Dorothy Parker:

Woman wants monogamy;
Man delights in novelty.
Love is woman’s moon and sun;
Man has other forms of fun.
Woman lives but in her lord;
Count to ten, and man is bored.
With this the gist and sum of it,
What earthly good can come of it?

Well, no prizes for guessing the answer to that one! Shakespeare, who knew much about love and more about men, put it like this:

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more.
Men were deceivers ever,
One foot in sea, and one on shore,
To one thing constant never.
Then sigh not so, but let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into hey nonny-nonny.

Meaning, a happy little song. “Hey nonny-nonny translates from middle English as shooby-dooby-doo-wop” … and a sounder piece of relationship advice we have yet to find.

Journalists like to come up with tags and labels for David Garrett, such as “every mother-in-law’s dream”. – Seriously? Only a man could take this view, for women surely know better. We know what it is to stumble through days blinded by tears, with a heart ripped to bloody shreds by the inconstancy of men. Wouldn’t you advise your daughter to stay well away from such a bouncy love magnet? Not that she’d listen, of course.

Girls, take a break from your daydreaming to study, if you will, the situation of Priscilla Presley: Aching with loneliness and longing while her man Elvis was away on tour, which was often; consumed by jealousy, with good reason; paralysed by unhappiness, and addicted to the drugs she took to cope … No, it is not a pretty tale, but it may help you to understand why the position by the side of a star is likely to make you deeply unhappy. Knowing that every other girl out there wants a piece of your pie and may stop at nothing to get it; knowing also that the man able to resist this temptation – if such a man can be imagined – is most likely not your man.

Considering all of this, it would certainly take a pretty exceptional girl to cope with the challenges of that place by David Garrett’s side while still managing to thrive in her personal life. But one should always make allowance for the exceptional. Such a girl may well exist. So let us hope that, one happy day, she and David will find each other.


Moving on to other projects, I decided not to keep this domain going; and so it is goodbye, dear readers – this blog and all its content will soon disappear.


Author: Fabienne Wolf

writing solo traveller

15 thoughts on “David Garrett and the Girls

  1. Some men aren’t meant to be taken by one woman because of how much they give of themselves through their art… I find this a beautiful thing.. we each are for one another.. ..A person whom has an ability to reach us all… My gift that i am given from garrett is the music and I am humbled by that and wish i had something equally as amazing to give … i would stay in the nose bleed seats just to be in the room …. and feel… My son died from a terminal illness and i would lay a guitar on his tummy and pluck bad notes trying my best and he could feel the instrument through his body and i would get a giggle or a smile… Garrett’s music reminds me of my son …. the classical …and i cry from happiness and it devistates me at the same time.. I love it…sandra

  2. Thanks for your articles. You write extremely well, with compassion, insight, respectful, kind and wise. Thank you for your thoughtful articles, I have been reading a few over the last while. It warms my heart that you write with truth and grace about such an exceptional young man and outstanding artist. He deserves the best, most positive energies to be sent his way. It shines through all of his interviews, that he is a wise, kind, disciplined and very strong human being. He is and will be most influential as a role model for his times and beyond, not only for his revolutionary approach to music, but also as a worthy idol with exceptional life wisdom.

  3. David is fine. He has to be happy with himself with what he is. There are so many of us out here that he gives peace, mental well being from the stresses of life. His love of music enters us all and leaves us in a better place. Like a butterfly he needs to be free to make his own happiness.

  4. Danke, Fabienne, dass Du mit diesem Thema so respektvoll und intelligent umgegangen bist! Lese Dich ganz gerne!

  5. Ah, l’amour: as said Brazilian poet Vinicius de Morais – “que seja eterno enquanto dure…” (let it be eternal while it lasts). I agree with him. Furthermore, I agree with all forms and kinds of love. It doesn’t matter the lasting, people living together or apart, neither have they known each other. Love is mystery. The part of Kashmir’s song lyrics at this page speaks about what I a mean. “Stars to fill my dreams…”
    That is it. I like the way Fabienne writes. It’s full of life, a perfect and unique style. It is an easy and sharpened smart reading. Thank you!

  6. Your journey is all the more exciting! It is necessary to preserve it for future generations. Modern critics and journalists are rarely able to say something as interesting.

  7. Thanks Fabienne! Written easy, politely and with humor!

  8. Fabienne, thank you very much for your article! But I mean this article must be called “Girls and David Garret” or “Girl’s dreams about David Garrett”. You very thoroughly and in detail describe why girls must not dream about relationship with David Garrett. But you said nothing about David’s problem with girls and relationship. I think he has his inner problem.

    • Maybe, but obviously I am in no position to know about what you call his inner problem. Even if I were, I would not consider it an appropriate topic to write about. And who does not have problems with relationships? Only the very few and fortunate.
      DG’s problem with relationships may well come down to the fact that he is totally committed to his art and takes his life’s work so very seriously. This sets him apart from many, especially from potential partners who may not be fully aware what an unusual person they are dealing with. David will be torn between remaining true to himself and his vision and thereby ending the relationship almost before it began – or pretending, at least for a while, that he is an average guy, thereby setting his lover up for a rude awakening.

      • Dear Fabienne, I am reading through your texts with astonishing discovering your insight and smart concluding. It is a real pleasure for me when reading your pondering over DG’s issue. Your are able to write nicely about what we can only be impressed unspeakably.
        You write, and my impresin is, as you must have been an eyewitness:0

  9. Fabienne, You are correct, correct, correct. I also believe there is an “exceptional” woman out there somewhere for David. If only they can find each other … Thanks again!

  10. Only if you love truly and deeply, on a human level, a musician with whom you have a relationship, you can accept that always you will have the third place in his life, behind his music and his fans … Fabienne, thank you once again for your article!

  11. I agree, not easy to find one’s equal. It takes a secure, self-assured person who does not mind following someone. It can be done, just depends on how much each person is willing to work at it. The other thing is, both parties must be mature enough to work at it. So maybe David isn’t looking in the right place. Good luck!

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