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What is it about David Garrett?


An Attempted Analysis of a Musical Phenomenon – Part 1

Valentina Babor, the young German pianist, says of David Garrett that he is “exceptional as a musician and as a person.” – She knows him. I don’t. The purpose of this essay is to explore her statement further.


By way of introduction, let me say that in fifty years I have never once put anyone’s poster on my wall and have never sought an autograph; that being a fan is not in my nature and becoming a groupie out of the question. The stars in the musical skies of my youth were John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Sting, Peter Gabriel and Bob Marley – all alive and well. I loved their music and felt their appeal, understood why girls screamed or swooned – but didn’t.

Never having been a moth to anyone’s flame, how come I’m up late these nights, watching scores of YouTube clips of David Garrett and reading pages of interviews? Those who do this, I’ve discovered, identify themselves collectively as ‘DG Insomniacs’ and are, I suppose, a growing group. I never responded to the discovery of a musician with such interest before, though I did research a fair few in my time. (Note: My great favourite is Mozart. He is the one I know – and love – best, and nothing will change that. Be assured, if there were live recordings of him on YouTube, I’d be watching those.)

I only became aware of David Garrett’s existence in the autumn of 2015. Zapping lazily through the channels one night, I spied him on a German talk show where he was promoting his new album and was instantly mesmerized: Who is that? With this question began my quest to explore the nature of this musician. For what I had heard was thrilling, what I had seen delightful – and both to such an unusual degree that it could not be ignored.

Through scores of interviews, both written and recorded, a picture began to form of David Garrett’s story. I listened carefully to his words; and though my ears were keenly prepared to find them, there were never any wrong notes on his part, though there were some among the interviewers. I mean, for instance, that David-Beckham-of-the-Violin tag. Puh-leeeze, really? Just imagine that other David kicking a violin about … So what if they share a name, good looks and fame. It remains a skewed analogy, not worth repeating.

But, musicianship and good looks aside, what struck me instantly was what an unbelievably nice guy this David is. Not a trace to be found of meanness, of ignorance, conceit or arrogance. Instead, a loving nature of such strong and immediate appeal that the impact is best described by quoting an often repeated fan comment: “He takes my breath away.” – This statement is repeated in many languages and with slight variations throughout the comment sections below his YouTube material.

29 (3)

What would David Garrett be without his violin? – Just an extraordinarily good-looking man. And what would he be without his looks? – Just an exceptional musician. But he, favoured by fortune, is both. He enchants our eyes as well as our ears, and through them our hearts. And, as if that were not enough and this combination of blessings not more than any mortal could hope for, he also has such personal charm: a beguiling mixture of kindness, sensitivity and tact, of diffidence, modesty and politeness. These qualities (uncommon and unexpected in celebrities) expose one to a riptide of admiration, of adoration. It is even more endearing that David himself seems quite unaware of his effect and – whenever it is mentioned – shrugs with embarrassment and attaches little importance to it.

I’m sure that those who know David personally could complement this list with a few less noble characteristics. He is very human, after all, and himself has named obstinacy, hardheadedness and impatience as his less agreeable traits. These, however, cannot be found in the YouTube material my research is limited to.

But wait … there is more! On insomniac trawls through the abundant video material I successively discovered other delightful qualities: David Garrett has a quick-witted sense of humour and the comical talent of a true entertainer. He expresses a lively intelligence with a philosophical bent that makes him look at life in a way that, at times, seems wise beyond his years. What he has to say about his background, his life and his projects is actually interesting. He radiates positive energy, has mastered the difficult art of self-discipline and solved the conundrum of how duty and freedom are related. Being alone does not frighten him, and he credibly displays a complete lack of desperation where female companionship is concerned. The first, great love of his life is music, after all, and he will never lose that.


So, yes – all of these findings show that Valentina Babor’s assessment is spot-on: David Garrett is indeed exceptionally exceptional. Fan comment: “Amazing person! Why are there so few people like him in this world?”


Moving on to other projects, I decided not to keep this domain going; and so it is goodbye, dear readers – this blog and all its content will soon disappear.


Author: Fabienne Wolf

writing solo traveller

48 thoughts on “What is it about David Garrett?

  1. Interesting article. I chanced upon DG last month while reading a book called The violinist’s Thumb in which Sam Kean mentioned Paganini. I wanted to hear Paganini’s violin and ended up watching David Garrett playing Caprice 24. What I felt striking was his immense energy. He was radiating happiness which was very infectious! Next I heard his The 5th and incidentally Beethoven’s 5th symphony is my most favorite music. There was no looking back since then. He’s a rare combination of beauty and talent. I like to watch him play as much as I like to hear him play. Thanks for your articles.

  2. Thank you for your lovely article about an exceptional man. He and his music awakens in me so many feelings, so much awareness…

  3. David Garret, my prayer for you is to find a beautiful woman u can trust and love and bring kids into this world. You are truly a gifted and wonderful man. May all of ur dreams come true. Also thankyou soo much for bringing me much joy regarding ur music.❤

  4. ICI , AU CANADA , plus precisement a QUEBEC , il est tres peu connu..j avais demander le cd EXPLOSIVE pour cadeau de noel &..oui , l ai eu mais ils ont du chercher longtemps afin de le trouver..aucun magasin ne savais qui etais ce DAVID GARRETT !!! , je dois avouer que meme moi , je ne me souviens pas pourquoi ses video apparaissais sur mon mur FB , ni de qui je le recevais..& que , he oui , et j en suis presque genee mais , je ne les ai pas regardez tout de suite mais , ses videos revenais sans cesse alors , par curiosite , j ai peser sur play & mis sur grand ecran…HEUUUUU..COMMENT VOUS DIRE , POUR ETRE PRECISE ..j ai due avalez quelques mouches et j avais les yeux tellement sec que je crois pas avoir clingner des yeux pour ne rien manquer…je ne peux pas dire ni le jours , ni mois mais , c est en 2017…je me souviens que la video etais un concert , dehors & qu il jouais SUMMER…ce fut ma rencontre avec ce jeune homme inconnu qu on nomme DAVID GARRETT…qui ne connais ni mon nom , ni d ou je viens , ni meme que j existe & pourtant , il m a aider a plusieurs reprises a traverser de dure moments…y a des personnes qui aparraisse dans nos vies , tu ne sais pas de ou mais , juste au bon moment…c est tout ..!! me souviens d avoir partager la video avec ces quelque mots.”..JE NE SAIS PAS SI C EST LE GARS OU LE VIOLON car je ne suis pas attirez par les hommes au cheveux blond , ni longs mais lui.. IL EST HALLUCINANT..” nous a fais redecouvrir nos classiques , a sa facon bien a lui donc BEETOVEEN & BACHS , on du apprecier l interpretation qu il en fais…d ailleur , je crois qu il devais jouer du violon dans son ancienne vie , et , qu il en joueras dans les autres qu il auras….et je le remercie d exister , tout simplement…je ne comprends l anglais , encore moins l allemand mais , avant meme d avoir lui des entrevus qu il a fais , je savais par ses yeux & son attitude que c etais quelqu un de bon fondamentalement…avec ses qualite & ses defauts car il est humain apres tout , non !!!!..pour ma part , la seule personne qui a froler la a marcher sur les eaux & il es mort voila 2000 ans…hihi…sur ces quelques mots , je vous envoies mes salutations les plus sinceres..

  5. Merci de si bien traduire ce que nous sommes nombreuse à ressentir. Je suis heureuse de vous lire et de constater que je ne suis pas la seule personne “envoûtée” par David Garrett. Je lai découvert à travers le film “The devil’s violonist” et j’ai passé mes jours (et mes nuits) comme vous sur le net à l’affût de la moindre photo, vidéo, interview etc.
    J’ai 68 ans et jamais je n’avais ressenti aucune attirance pour un chanteur ou un musicien en particulier et là je suis comme une droguée j’ai besoin de ma dose de David Garrett chaque jour (LOL !) J’ai acheté tous ses disques dès le lendemain et je les écoute en boucle en voiture, à la maison sans compter mes soirées devant youtube. Quand je les écoute je le revois jouer et ne peux m’empêcher de sourire. Quel cadeau il nous fait !

    En vous lisant je suis rassurée de n’être pas la seule atteinte de cette “maladie” : le besoin de voir le sourire de David, d’entendre sa musique si personnelle. Contrairement à la plupart, pour ne pas dire la totalité, des vedettes qui vieillissent mal David (je me permets de l’appeler par son prénom moi qui pourrait presque être sa grand mère) est de plus en plus épanoui, beau, talentueux et généreux. Quelle chance nous avons de pouvoir partager cela via internet.

    Mon grand regret est de ne pas parler allemand… heureusement il est bilingue !

    • Thank you for your heartfelt comment, dear Amandine, expressing once again what so many people share. I wish you a happy New Year with numerous enchanted hours of listening to David.

    • Mrs Amandine thank you for this perfect comment about our admirable David. To me, He’s exactly as you and the Report above related. Like you I am David’s fan since 2913 when I first met his music. I’m 77 Years old but in my heart I’m still an young that loves the life and all the beauty it have. And David is one of this. I feel myself exactly like you said about our sweet angel. Thank you again. I’m a Brasilian fan that went many times in Europe only to see our David on stage, and here in Brasil too. I saw him exactly 16 times on stage. So long!!!

    • I would say exactly the same!!

  6. It was just today this blog was shown to me and I could say – I liked the spirit and perceptivity I found in your words from the very beginning. I read quite few articles about David already (happily it’s Sunday, I have plenty of time to spend here around) and I feel every true artist deserves such great understanding and writings. What made my day is to find shared many relevant points – for instance about this label ‘David Beckham of the Violin’… ohhh… To note “Kurt Cobain of the Classics” is something totally different and worthwhile… However… I was even more delighted to read that: “My great favourite is Mozart. He is the one I know – and love – best, and nothing will change that. Be assured, if there were live recordings of him on YouTube, I’d be watching those.” ! Same with me… from my teenage years until today – with thе only remark that many years later I discovered also Metallica as another my lifetime passion. And finally – David appeared (not even a year ago) who amazingly combines everything I love from both worlds. And because it is really inspiring to discover the golden treasures of mankind’s creativity, I’m happy to share another musical wonder I was acquainted with few months ago: the 11-years-old girl Alma Deutscher, who is the first through the centuries after Mozart to write and present a full-length opera at her age – gorgeous and sumptuous! It was staged in Vienna at the end of 2016. I would love to hear what David would say about her music! (Here is my material about this event I was blessed to attend:

    P.S. By the way, we know that David loves Bach mostly – absolutely adorable! Even this fact alone is enough to show his heart as a musician. The same was the story with Mozart – as an attitude and appreciation about Bach: it’s in his letters. But what really made me smile was the answer of David when he is asked: “If you were able to hang out with a historical musician, who would it be?” – “Mmmm… probably Mozart” is the answer. So Bach is like the respected teacher, and Mozart is more of a friend… At least I’m happy to suggest so.
    (Here is the source of this info:

    • Thank you for your words of appreciation, Ralie. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed my writing and found many points of connection.

  7. David Garrett is an amazing musician, with unequaled performances captivates the hearts and fascinate their fans = bright personality, stage persona brilliant, unrepeatable, outstanding composer and musician, fantastic violinist and so handsome like God = Prince classical music. Gorgeous looks, extravagant, artistic, charming, captivated millions of hearts. Possession instrument in harmony with the charming appearance, a unique talent to penetrate deep into the very essence of the music, with magnificent convincing improvisations, listening to his excellent performance results my heart tremble. His appearance on the scene, David has created a magical atmosphere of fairy tales, which has a certain miraculous powers, magic, him a game the violin penetrates deep into the soul and warms the heart, he bring to the world of light, goodness and happiness, charging the audience with their light energy. We love it for the stunning talent and effulgent soul. He brings so much pleasure to people, conquering all the of scenes the world due to its unique creativity. In contrast to the so «called stars», notes the comments, freely communicate with fans, signing autographs, bringing fun and excitement to millions of fans who him adore. Ah! What a pity that the «golden» time has gone into oblivion, when the whole world admired the ballet performances, classical music and opera. But, alas and ah! Unfortunately, time changed. Young people are passionate about music low level. The audience not educated. Most of the young people are not have representations classical music. To inculcate interest youth to classical music, need to educate the society, transmission on television music programs about classical music, in this way to inculcate the taste for beauty. David has a excellent target = to instill young people to love to the luxurious style of classical music. Good luck to the brilliant musician and composer David Garrett in the performance of their dreams! Him have been given a sacred role chant the world of beauty, harmony, magical music. What happiness enjoy your fascinating game the violin great musician, which I adore. His concerts and execution = holiday bright holiday music and an unforgettable spectacle. From this beautiful feeling = happiness and love, I want to hug the all Planet.

  8. Me encantó la nota, muchas gracias!
    Yo también quedé cautivada por su sencillez y talento cuando tuve la oportunidad de ir a su presentación en Monterrey, México. No lo seguía pero el nietecito de 5 años de una amiga lo admira mucho y me daba curiosidad de por qué un niño tan pequeño era su fan número uno. Decidí ir sin conocer su música ni su trayectoria, solo sabía que era un violinista alemán muy talentoso y guapo. Y desde esa noche también me convertí en su seguidora, yo no soy conocedora de música clásica, pero desde que lo escuché estoy aprendiendo acerca de ella, gracias a David, soy un claro ejemplo de cómo él con su carisma y mediante sus conciertos crossover logra acercar a gente de toda edad a la música clásica. Tengo 54 años y también me encanta buscar entrevistas, videos, escucharlo y admirar su talento.

  9. Thank you very much Fabienne Wolf for this fantastic article that you’ve written about Maestro David Garrett and all of the positive things that you have to say about David as both a Musician and a Person. I enjoyed reading it immensely!!
    I agree with you in so many ways. I discovered David late one evening as I was scrolling through the various music videos and I came across David’s full concert that was on YouTube. It was one of David’s crossover concerts that he performed in Berlin in about 2010. I fell in love with his music almost immediately. As I continued to listen to and to watch his music videos more and more, I began to see what a kind and beautiful soul this man (David) was. I saw a man that was passionate about music and the love that he had for Music. I also noticed how thankful he was to his thousands of fans that filled the various stadiums or theaters that he performed at and were almost always sold out. As a musician I could hear immediately that he was a Pristine Grand Maestro!!
    Thank you again Fabienne Wolf for the enlightening and informative review of David Garrett, both as a musician and the man that he is.

    • Thank you, dear Wendy, for letting me know you enjoyed my articles. Your words “a kind and beautiful soul” and “passionate about music” sum up the essence of David Garrett and his great appeal to all who look and listen with an open mind.

  10. thank you fabienne for your wonderful blog about david garrett. i am so relieved that there is a name for what i am experiencing: DG insomniac! i am 74 years old and wondered if there was something wrong with me. i am mesmerized by this man. i view youtube everyday looking for new posts. i discovered david about 5 years ago. what started out as a fascination turned into an all-out obsession. following david, it is so obvious that in addition to being a magnificent virtuoso, he is a gentle, kind, and loving person. it doesn’t hurt, also, that he is absolutely gorgeous to look at. his mother and father must be so proud. i have seen him in concert 3 times in chicago, il. it was well worth the long trip. i think the next time he comes to chicago, i will go all out and get tickets for the orchestra pit.

  11. We have a parallel: My youth was enriched with the music of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc., so we must be about the same age. In January, someone posted on Facebook a youtube video of David playing “A Groovy Kind of Love.” From curiosity, I watched and listened. Immediately, I entered his name in youtube and was transported to a higher level of being. I, too, have become a David insomniac, even though I don’t suffer from insomnia! Each night, after watching him perform and marveling that this 35-year-old can touch this woman of a certain age in such a way, I put on a CD of his music and am lulled to sleep with his beautiful music. When I awaken in the morning, his music is still in my head. What a lovely way to begin and end each day. I feel blessed to have discovered David Garrett. And I enjoyed your article very much.

  12. I’ve never read a more beautiful article. Ever. I’m swept off my feet.

  13. Para mi es una de las personas mas impresionante que he conocido en mi vida, nada más con su sonrisa lo trasmite todo irradia lo bella persona que es y la humildad que lleva siempre consigo, con la fama que tiene es muy poco el artista que conserva esa nobleza y pureza en su espiritu, que Dios lo siga bendiciendo.

  14. Show fantástico amo.

  15. Dios que dicha vivir en su mismo tiempo y poder disfrutar de tan prodigioso talento y apreciar tantas virtudes en un ser humano excepcional, su arte, su sensibilidad, su carisma y su encantadora belleza. Gracias David Garrett por ser como eres.

  16. I absolutely love your blog about David Garrett. I also recently came to know of him, very much the same way you did. Surfing late at night. I have always been attracted to classical music but I must say what he does with the modern sounds has blown me away. I’m an older lady and not the rocker type but I really like some of these rock sounds. Instead of just noise there is always a nice melody in his renditions. Thank you for sharing all these blogs about him. Elaina

  17. You’ve analyzed it well. I can easily relate to this, as I discovered him accidentally last year and went through watching numerous videos, amazed by talent and person. Looking forward to see him live in Israel.

  18. Thank you so much for the great Analysis! I am so happy that you bring all these great things out. I only can agree with all of what is written. Since 2009 I feel the same, every day more. He is an inspiring and very special person. I love to read your article. Thank you! I will share it.

  19. All you say is True, David is in all our hearts because he is a special person and his beautiful music is the reflection of himself. Thank you so much!

  20. Dios, morí con esta nota, fantástica, y como Ud misma lo dice: duelen los ojos ante tanta belleza de David, el corazón galopa fuerte. Cariños desde Argentina.

  21. I think that actually you are, in a way, exceptional, because in a short time you have been able to capture and express a lot of the essence of David Garrett, at least how we, the fans, perceive him. It is the first time I am a “fan”, I love Music since I was two years old, classical principally, and now I am 69 and me and other members of my familiy (young ones and not so young) are followers. I am learning the violin and it is a joy, I pick up the violing early in the morning to practice before going to work. And have the pleasure of being in the group that Jacqueline created in fb. We are excited, waiting for March 5 to attend DG Concert. And waiting for your Part 3 … Hope my English is not too bad!

  22. Thank you so much for your impressive article! We’ve translated it into Russian for the Russian fans and we’ve already got positive feedback. Looking forward to part 2, etc😊 Thank you once again and good luck!

    • Thank you, Russia, for your positive feedback. Your country tops the site stats of my blog today. So many views – impressive! Look out for Part 2 tomorrow.

  23. Wow you really have described him so well, true for me too, never been a die hard fan of anyone in my country too, thanks

  24. Thank you sooooo much for the above article. I feel the same way like you since 2010 where I discovered the existence of David. The article is totally true. I absolutely agree with you, that’s why I will try to translate your text in Greek for the Greek fans and I will upload it on my facebook account! Thank you soooo much once again!

    • Dear Lena, How thrilling to be unexpectedly translated into Greek! I am amazed by the amount of responses this article got. Seems like it struck a chord with many people. Of course that is very motivating, and just as well: I have not enjoyed writing anything quite as much as this for some time. Also, I love all that marvellous YouTube material you provide. Efcharistíes!

  25. The same thing is happening to me since november 2015: DG insomniac, that’s me! Never been a fan, never been a groupie, always loved music a lot. I am 41, two kids and a husband, when I have time I just “run” to YouTube and search for him. I have really appreciated your words that describe very well my thinking, but I have to add just one thing: it hurts a little bit. I just feel as when you fall in love … How can it be? I am not a teenage girl, I am a mother! Oh my God!!!!

    • Oh, Marina … I know. Every DG Insomniac will agree with you there. In unguarded moments (like the small hours of the night) his beauty actually HURTS. Why this should be so – that may just be a topic for Part 10 …

  26. Thank you for this beautiful blog post, Fabienne Wolf! Your words could have been taken from me or the many women with whom I have become acquainted because of David. Thank you for giving us a title, the DG Insomniacs. This was all me in February of 2014, devouring every YouTube video but especially the interviews. I completely share your sentiment. I am 51 and enjoyed the same music as you while growing up, never did do the poster thing with a musician either, except for one of actor Patrick Swayze after his appearance in a series, North and South. Anyway, after being fortunate enough to have seen David perform in April 2014 and having discovered him through Pinterest, I started one board, then two, then three, attempted a blog and created a fb fan page called David Garrett, We Love YOU! David is truly a magnificent and inspirational soul! So THANK YOU once again, I truly adore what you have written here and we are all anxiously awaiting part 2!

    • Loved reading your comment, Jaqueline, and hearing about your very similar experience. Does the fascination fade after a while, I wonder? – At present, it looks like there will be much more than just two parts to my research …

  27. David para mim,é algo tão difícil de explicar, que as vezes me perco em conjecturas. Será que o meu amor e admiração por esse grande músico, me faz vê-lo de uma maneira fantasiosa? Será que realmente toda essa imagem é somente fruto de fanatismo? Mas para todas essas perguntas, eu encontro respostas que me fazem aceitar o irremediável. Não. Estamos diante de um homem lindo, que além de uma beleza estonteante, recebeu de Deus a dádiva de um talento excepcional.
    Que causa um impacto grandioso no palco com sua presença e a arte de arrancar de seu violino acordes com sons divinos que encantam a alma e conquistam corações. Mas além disso existe algo mais. Ele foi agraciado com um plus, que o torna diferente. Que produz uma relação de troca, entre o artista e o público que provoca emoções, que vão além do que se pode acreditar. Aí,entra outra coisa não tão habitual, aparece o dom da conquista. Ele é um conquistador irresistível! Entra em nossas vidas e através de seus olhos doces, de uma ternura inconteste, de uma sensibilidade extraordinária, de um sorriso alegre, de um ar de menino carente, tímido e provocador, nos faz autores e cúmplices de um grande caso de amor.E esse amor o coloca numa posição de destaque em nossas vidas, é alguém que a gente ama, de quem sentimos falta e que nos conforta nas horas
    de tristezas.Nos sentimos próximos demais, mesmo que na realidade o sabemos tão distante. São sentimentos contraditórios, que não importam, porque nos fazem felizes. Isso tudo explica o fenômeno David Garrett ? Acho que não, para mim ele é um mito e para os mitos não existem muitas explicações.

    • Dear Mariah, my Portuguese is non-existent, but my Spanish just good enough to follow the drift of your thoughts. “Nos sentimos próximos demais, mesmo que na realidade o sabemos tão distante.” – Beautifully expressed, obrigada!

    • Concordo plenamente com você Mariah, grande músico, lindo e passa a imagem de gente como a gente, com um coração grandioso. Adoro ele no palco, com suas tiradas de humor, alegria e humildade!

  28. Such a joy to read an exceptionally well-written analysis! Thank you very much. Looking forward to part 2 😉

  29. This is so right. David is an exceptional human being with an exceptional talent. He did work hard to get where he is now and we should be grateful to know the man and the music he shares with us. He is also not only a very good performer but also a very good composer. We just have to listen to his own works to get into his mind and see how he goes about music at different times of his life. But who knows what is behind the smile?

    • I think that behind the smile is an exceptionally nice and inspiring person whom one would like to know better.

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